Caregiver Resources

Caring for the Caregiver

Resources for Caregivers in Mimico Village

What is Caregiver Burden?

“Physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion experienced by someone who cares for those who are chronically ill, disabled or cognitively impaired”

Are you experiencing any of these signs or symptoms?

          • Fatigue
          • Poor appetite
          • Weight Loss
          • Body Aches
          • Depression
          • Feeling of Hopelessness
          • Feeling Isolated
          • Agitation
          • Frustration

Why it matters?

Caregiver burden has been shown to be associated with increased risk for depression and a poor quality of life

Individuals who practice self-care and access resources are more likely to be healthier and provide better care




Self-care is planning and taking the time to attend to your basic physical, mental, and emotional needs

Physical Self-Care:

          • Eat a balanced diet
          • Take time to rest
          • Exercise: walking, stretching, yoga
          • Other: massages, breathing exercises, long baths


Mental Self-Care:

          • Focus your attention on the present (mindfulness)
          • Practice gratitude
          • Be patient with yourself
          • Learn how to provide care effectively


Emotional Self-Care:

          • Acknowledge your feelings without judgment, guilt, or embarrassment
          • Learn to say no
          • Ask for help when you need it
          • Join a support group


Even 10 minutes is enough!

Make it a daily habit to take care of yourself

Self-Care Resources


Dementia Carers:

Reitman Centre for Alzheimer’s Support and Training

            • TEACH - communication and coping skills training (in-person)
            • CARERS - practical skills training and emotional support (online or in-person)
            • Dementia Advisor App - scenario-based training


Caregiver Forum and Support Group:

            • Discussions for caregivers of someone with Alzheimer’s and dementia


            • Elizzbot: On-demand support Smart Chatbot for Family Caregivers
                  • Includes mindfulness and cognitive behaviour therapy
                  • Confidential and secure


Breathe: Relax and Recharge (FREE)

                  • Breathing exercises for beginners
                  • Available in the App Store

Self-Referral Resources

You can easily register yourself to the program by contacting the following:

Storefront Humber

2445 Lake Shore Boulevard West

(416) 259-4207

Supportive care to seniors and adults with disabilities


Local Health Integration Network

(416) 310-2222

Assess and implement services as required


Alderwood South Adult Day Program (ADP) 

525 Horner Avenue

(416) 243-0127

Supervised day programs for adults with disabilities


Better Living Health and Community Services

(416) 447-7244 ext. 541

Caregiver support, companionship services, meals and grocery delivery


Alzheimer Society Caregiver Project for Seniors Support Group

(416) 322-6560


The Ontario Caregiver Organization


Helpline for 24/7 support


Community Centers:

                         1. Horner Avenue Seniors Center

20 Horner Ave (416) 394-6000

                         2. Franklin Horner Community Center

432 Horner Ave (416) 252-6822


Recreational Parks:

                         3. Amos Waites Park

                         4. Mimico Waterfront Park


Faith-based Organizations:

                        5. Mimico Presbyterian

119 Mimico Ave (416) 255-0213

                        6. St. Leo’s Roman Catholic Church

277 Royal York Rd (416) 251-1109

                        7. Wesley Mimico United Church

2 Station Rd (416) 251-5811